Import Sketchup to 3ds max 09

7 10 2010

Yeah, what to do…

You got (stole cough…) “the model”, it looks nice – question: How can you convert it from the free SketchUp to 3ds max (09)?

How To:

Export the file as Google Earth file (only possibility .kmz) an rename it to .zip!
In the ./models folder you’ll find a .dae model file which is a COLLADA (more widely used 3d format) file.

The best:

3ds max has an importer for .dae files !!!1111
Hope that works … … if not (as it didn’t with my 3ds max)
– download the OpenCollada Plugin at
-> profit (Don’t forget to choose “OpenCollada .dae” in the max import dialog!)

Hope this helped!